Safety Is Our Business

O’Reilly Health & Safety Consulting is led by Yvonne O’Reilly. Yvonne utilizes her experience to assist employers to evaluate and improve their occupational health and safety (OHS) program.  Employers from such diverse industries as financial institutions, oil & gas, manufacturing and construction have benefited from the training and consulting services provided.

Yvonne’s diverse professional experience includes a multi-billion dollar construction project as well as establishing an OHS practice within two national law firms.  Her  extensive knowledge of legislation and comprehensive audit skills, coupled with her engaging presentation style, have provided value to employers across Canada.

Yvonne works with the OHS legislation from every Canadian jurisdiction – including developing or reviewing programs for employers who are governed by more than one provincial OHS regulator. Clients are consistently impressed with her knowledge of not only the legislation, but her understanding of the regulators’ expectations.

Professionals Achievements:

  • Member of the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals
  • Member of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering
  • Board of Advisor Member: ‘Safety Compliance Insider’ – Bongarde Media
  • Author and contributor to numerous articles, and presenter at national seminars and conferences.

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